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gay romances with
heart & heat

Winging It With You is a gay romcom about two men who impulsively pose as a couple to compete in an "Amazing Race"-type reality show contest after meeting in an airport TGIFridays, and their run in with the very real feelings that begin to simmer between them. 

boarding june 2025

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meet chip

Chip Pons is a gay romance author who wears his heart on his sleeve and someone who will always say yes to a little snack. He grew up in a small lake town in Northern Michigan before eventually traveling the world as a photojournalist in the U.S. Air Force - where he met and worked alongside his dream of a husband and better half. He's spent his entire life swooning over the love stories found in the romance books filling up his shelves until one day, he was brave - or delusional - enough to write his own.  

​He currently lives in the heart of Washington, D.C. and when he is not writing or chasing his pup, Margot, around, he can be found attempting to piece together Taylor Swift easter eggs - good luck, buddy - and daydreaming of untold happily ever afters. 


"Poignant and pitch-perfect steamy." 
-Chloe liese, author of the bergman brothers series


"Reading this book feels like listening to your best friend tell you a love story." 
- Ashley Winstead, author of Fool Me Once


"Fun, sexy and profoundly moving."
- Steven Rowley, new york times bestselling author of The celebrants


"You & I, Rewritten took me by storm."
- sarah adams, new york times bestselling author of practice makes perfect

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